Within the departments of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), our researchers and innovation experts develop skills and activities around three main domains: environment, IT  and materials. Scientific excellence and interdisciplinarity are key to our projects.

  • The “Environmental Research & Innovation” (ERIN) department develops strategies, technologies and tools to better monitor, assess, use and safeguard natural and renewable resources.  Its research topics are water security and safety, plant science and biotechnologies, life cycle sustainability and risk assessment, and e-Science. + Learn more
  • The “IT for Innovative Services” (ITIS) department develops IT services within an open innovation process integrating all stakeholders concerned. Its research focuses on “big data” operational issues for decision-making, use of information systems in measuring and controlling the quality of services in networked enterprises, and tools for supporting innovation processes in IT services. + Learn more
  • The “Materials Research and Technology” (MRT) department focuses its activities on advanced materials and nanotechnologies. Its research and technology activities target two main areas: nanomaterials and nanotechnology, and composite materials. + Learn more

We invite you to get informed on LIST’s activities: topics and research projects, scientific publications, news, equipment and tools, services and technological offers, etc.

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