Environmental informatics


With the large quantities of data being produced by high throughput analytical devices, high-frequency sensor networks, connected objects, earth observation techniques, and powerful simulators, current capacity for validation, analysis, and visualisation is being challenged.

Our research challenges

We tackle these issues by designing and implementing innovative, robust and scalable software tools and infrastructures, developing new data analytics techniques and exploring new visualisation methods and theories to support data-driven scientific and technological advancement.

The research challenges that we are tackling are threefold:

  • Uncertainty: How should uncertain data be managed, analysed and visualised?
  • Dynamics: How should dynamic data be managed, analysed and visualised?
  • Scalability: How should the management, analysis and visualisation of data be scaled up?

Most of the time, these three challenges are compounded in real-world problems, which makes them much harder to solve.

Key partners

We work with companies and organisations from sectors that use scientific and technological data such as the life sciences, water, energy, space, agriculture, industry, and biotechnologies. A particular focus is placed on those sectors tackling environmental challenges.


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