Sustainable Energy Systems

The Sustainable Energy Systems research group provides its know-how and develop tools to support the design and operations of energy systems, with a specific focus on renewable energy and smart grid solutions.


The main expertise fields are the following:

  • Development of modelling tools (e.g. for model-based control of grid integration measures)
  • Development and simulation-based test of new business models for demand-side flexibility, energy storage or virtual power plants
  • Data-driven learning algorithms e.g. to valorise smart meter data
  • Sensor-networks & remote sensing applications to optimize energy systems operation
  • Optimisation methods & Design support systems to attain the right trade-off between cost, reliability and environmental impact

The research group profits also from its integration in an environmental research department, granting researchers access to competences and resources in the fields of environmental informatics and remote sensing, in addition to the sustainability assessment expertise provided within the unit.

Main assets

  • Forecasting algorithm and modelling framework for the regionalized intra-day and day(s)-ahead photovoltaic power forecast
  • Simulation environment for renewable energy scenario simulations and the assessment of grid integration aspects
  • Outdoor test-field for photovoltaic modules


Research domains
  • Environment

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