Decisional Knowledge Dynamics

The internet is now completely integrated into our daily lives. With social networks and related web applications as well as the Internet of Things and Open (Linked) Data initiatives, data available to companies and individuals is exponentially increasing. This multitude of sources creates the challenge of deciphering this "data deluge" to produce purposeful knowledge to support human activities, especially in terms of design, problem solving and decision support. Such transformations are enabled by information extraction techniques made seamlessly accessible through advanced man-machine interactions to convey the resulting knowledge in the most appropriate form regarding the user objective and context. These two considerations play a central role in both the analysis process and the quality of the task achievement, particularly in decision-making.

research challenges

Tackling these complexities together in a measurable way is the challenge that we are taking on with the final goal of developing valuable new services and products. We focus more precisely on:

Key partners

We work with different types of companies and organizations including SMEs, major corporate groups, research centres, universities, professional associations, groups of companies, administrative bodies, etc., from a variety of sectors including transport and logistics, construction, IT, public sector, etc. 

Current key partners:  eSanté, Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise, Focal Fondation, Open Assessment Technologies (OAT), ETS, Autodistribution, Raiffeisen, Le Foyer, among others, as well as many major universities worldwide.


Dr Thibaud LATOUR
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