Engineered NanoMaterials (ENMs) from wastewater Treatment & stormwatEr to Rivers

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With the increase in the production and application of engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) to daily life, more ENMs will be released into the aquatic environment, making it crucial to understand the processes determining the behaviour of ENMs in the environment. ENTER, Action ES1205 of the intergovernmental European research framework COST, aims to look at which ENMs are released and in what amounts, how persistent they are, and to what extent they cause in situ toxicity.


To investigate these issues, the close collaboration of experts from different disciplines is needed. These include analytical chemists, environmental scientists and civil engineers, as well as jurists, politicians and other stakeholders. ENTER will help to advance scientific knowledge on the release and fate of ENMs in the urban water cycle and to communicate expert knowledge in an appropriate manner to the non-scientific community.


The project will break down barriers between scientific and public pressure groups through intensified scientific exchange via position papers and other communication. ENTER will also help to facilitate the decision-making process by supporting end users such as politicians, the EU and national public servants.

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  • Environment

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Dr Tommaso SERCHI
Dr Tommaso SERCHI
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Official website: www.es1205.eu

More info and full list of partners available on the COST Action page

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