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Approximately 70% of the country’s citizens wish to be better informed about science and research in Luxembourg. This is in line with visitors’ opinion at Luxembourg Science Center (LSC) who would like to discover more about these subjects too, in particular through activities they also enjoy during their visits: hands-on exhibits and experiments.


Jointly with several research institutions and researchers from Luxembourg, the RePublic project was initiated: A hub where research(ers) meet the public. By means of this grant application, the project seeks to co-finance a creative, ambitious, and much needed initiatives that will enable the conception and delivery of research-related outreach activities in collaboration with scientists to a broad audience.

To foster this mutually beneficial exchange and increase the general public's literacy about national research, a catalogue of activities has been created. This catalogue includes, among others, hands-on research exhibits showing results from recent research projects, virtual and interactive visits of national research labs, interactive demonstrations, workshops, and a living lab.

Researchers from LIST will contribute to RePublic by developing and deploying three Research Exhibits and will actively participate in the activities “Living Lab”, “Pub Quiz”, “Science on the dish”, and “Science Alert”.


The RePublic project seeks to create a hub, unique of its kind in Luxembourg, where national research(ers) and the public can meet, exchange and learn from each other. It will provide innovative activities that create a flow of information between research(ers) and the public, while fostering a close collaboration between researchers and science communicators to create state-of-the-art, fascinating and understandable content for those activities. Finally, the RePuBlic project will enable the design of training courses for researchers and science communicators to support, encourage and spread the tools and skills of SciCom.


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