Autonomous low-energy communication module based on inkjet-printed transparent antenna


Glinsek S., Song L., Gerard M., Bouton O., Girod S., El Hachemi M., Mandal B., Defay E., Granzow T., Polesel-Maris J.


Cell Reports Physical Science, vol. 4, n° 12, art. no. 101685, 2023


High operational frequencies of the upcoming 5G network will result in shorter broadcast distances and network dead zones. Additional access points and signal repeaters embedded into the existing infrastructure will therefore be needed. We demonstrate an autonomous communication module based on additively manufactured transparent antenna set to operate at 2.4 GHz. The antenna is made of inkjet-printed indium tin oxide, with visible light transmittance, electrical conductivity, and Haake's figure of merit of 87%, 1,280 S cm−1, and 4.9 × 10−3 Ω−1, respectively. The antenna enables reliable Bluetooth connection in transmission/reception up to a distance of 10 m with a received signal strength indicator above −80 dBm, being feasible for applications where miniaturization and invisibility of the electronics are essential. The antenna is then connected to a complete communicating system, self-powered by a solar panel, and yields a peak consumption in transmission of 30 mW.



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