Brownian Electric Bubble Quasiparticles


Aramberri H., Íñiguez-González J.


Physical Review Letters, vol. 132, n° 13, art. no. 136801, 2024


Recent works on electric bubbles (including the experimental demonstration of electric skyrmions) constitute a breakthrough akin to the discovery of magnetic skyrmions some 15 years ago. So far research has focused on obtaining and visualizing these objects, which often appear to be immobile (pinned) in experiments. Thus, critical aspects of magnetic skyrmions - e.g., their quasiparticle nature, Brownian motion - remain unexplored (unproven) for electric bubbles. Here we use predictive atomistic simulations to investigate the basic dynamical properties of these objects in pinning-free model systems. We show that it is possible to find regimes where the electric bubbles can present long lifetimes (∼ns) despite being relatively small (diameter <2 nm). Additionally, we find that they can display stochastic dynamics with large and highly tunable diffusion constants. We thus establish the quasiparticle nature of electric bubbles and put them forward for the physical effects and applications (e.g., in token-based probabilistic computing) considered for magnetic skyrmions.



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