Real-time carbon accounting method for the European electricity markets



B. Tranberg, O. Corradi, B. Lajoie, T. Gibon, I. Staffell, and G.B. Andresen


Energy Strategy Reviews, vol. 26, art. no. 100367, 2019


Electricity accounts for 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing emissions related to electricity consumption requires accurate measurements readily available to consumers, regulators and investors. In this case study, we propose a new real-time consumption-based accounting approach based on flow tracing. This method traces power flows from producer to consumer thereby representing the underlying physics of the electricity system, in contrast to the traditional input-output models of carbon accounting. With this method we explore the hourly structure of electricity trade across Europe in 2017, and find substantial differences between production and consumption intensities. This emphasizes the importance of considering cross-border flows for increased transparency regarding carbon emission accounting of electricity.



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