Reinforcement of a dodecylacrylate plasma polymer by admixture of a diacrylate or a dimethacrylate cross-linker



J. Bardon, A. Martin, P. Fioux, T. Amari, G. Mertz, M. Delmée, D. Ruch, and V. Roucoules


Plasma Processes and Polymers, vol. 15, no. 11, art. no. e1800031, 2018


Coatings have been deposited from acrylates and methacrylates mixtures by means of an aerosol assisted atmospheric plasma process. The reference coating precursor is dodecyl acrylate (DOCA). In order to improve the coatings mechanical properties, one diacrylate and one dimethacrylate are added to DOCA in the precursor mixture. It is expected that they act as cross-linking agents, thus modifying the coatings macromolecular structure and improving the coating mechanical properties. The influence of cross-linkers concentration on the coatings properties is investigated. An improvement of coatings scratch resistance when the concentration of cross-linkers increases in the mixture is observed, but the effect on coatings structure is different between the diacrylate and the dimethacrylate.



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