Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing (SCMM) Innovation Centre

The Sustainable Composite Materials & Manufacturing (SCMM) Innovation Centre is an innovation program empowered and managed by the Materials Research and Technology (MRT) department of LIST. SCMM focuses its research and technology activities on the development of the next generation of lightweight and sustainable composite materials demonstrators, addressing the upcoming challenges of the transport sector towards zero-emission mobility.

SCMM’s ambition is to accelerate the use of composite materials and processes with a low carbon footprint for functional parts that will address the needs of vehicles of the future.

Demonstrators for the vehicles of the future

SCMM aims at delivering highly relevant demonstrators, integrating innovative materials and processing technology bricks, such as bio-based and/or recyclable materials, and efficient manufacturing and recycling processes. The demonstrators are endorsed by the vision of industry leaders in the Automotive, Rail, Aeronautics and Space sectors and are designed to meet the needs and performance specifications of the next generation of sustainable vehicles.

SCMM is actively supported by key international players, who participate in the definition of the long-term research and innovation agenda and actively support the design of demonstrators built by LIST and its partners:

A rapid transfer of research outcomes into the business world

SCMM proposes an efficient and open approach allowing the rapid transition of research outcomes to the real economy by bringing together, in an ambitious innovation programme, LIST researchers with end-users (OEMs), national and international stakeholders who are active throughout the composite value chain (from raw materials to tier suppliers).

The R&T projects are carried out by LIST in close collaboration with the industrial SCMM members, who can purposely test the relevance of their technologies being integrated into the SCMM’s demonstrators.


Multiple stakeholders, public research, ministries, Mat. & Tech. providers, Tier Suppliers, OEMs.

Materials innovation all along the composites value chain

SCMM relies on the complementary expertise of researchers and engineers, covering the entire development chain, including:

State-of-the-art research infrastructure

Supported by the large portfolio of LIST-MRT competencies, our state-of-the-art research infrastructure enables to cover the whole value chain, from the synthesis of new polymers to the manufacturing of composites parts, with extensive capabilities in terms of composites advanced characterization and testing, including non-destructive investigation with Micro-computed tomography (-CT) and Ultrasound Testing (UT) techniques.
The advanced Composite Manufacturing platform is equipped with industry-relevant manufacturing technologies (Liquid Infusion, Resin Transfer Moulding, Thermoforming, Robotic Filament Winding, IR welding), enabling the manufacturing of composite parts with qualified processes in the automotive, aeronautics and space sector, up to the relevant scale.

Main equipment and capabilities

An initiative aligned with the national priorities

The SCMM Innovation Centre is supported by the Luxembourg’s Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Luxembourg’s Ministry of Economy.



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