Clean energy transition 11

Energy Digitalization: A Key Enabling Technology for the Clean Energy Transition

Prof. Giovanna Oriti, Naval Postgraduate School, California, USA

Role of Renewable Microgrids in the Clean Energy Transition


My passion is developing power electronics to reduce fossil fuel consumption and combat climate change, focusing on microgrid applications. I lead a multidisciplinary team researching resilient microgrids to support critical loads. Our goal is to bolster energy security and efficiency through integrating renewable energy sources and distributed energy storage

 03:00 p.m  04:30 p.m      

Luxembourg Learning Centre
7, Ënnert den Héichiewen, 4361 Esch-sur-Alzette

Room: Ellipse


Microgrids are power electronics-based power systems managing various distributed energy resources, including renewable energy sources and energy storage which are important for the clean energy transition. This lecture focuses on resilient microgrids, which not only increase energy efficiency and reduce fossil fuel consumption but also supply power to critical loads either in grid-connected or islanding mode of operation. Resilient renewable microgrids will be presented including architectures, control, system engineering analysis, applications and examples.  A vision for future development and applications of resilient microgrids will also be proposed.



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