Kai Flinkerbusch

Dr. Kai Flinkerbusch studied economics at the University of Münster, Germany. The topic of his PhD-thesis is “An economic analysis of the market for electricity: Renewable energies and security of supply”. After his time as a scientific assistant, he worked in different positions in the energy sector, e.g. as market analyst for the German power plant operator Steag GmbH, where he was specialist for international power- and commodity-markets. In 2019 he joined the strategy department of Amprion, one of four German transmission system operators. In this capacity, he is conducting market analysis, scenario building, management surveys, and other strategy related work. In particular, since 2021 he is deputy project leader in Amprion’s project “Systemvision 2050”.

Summary - Amprion Systemvision 2050 – A collaborative project to assess the question of how to reach climate neutrality

Amprion’s project “Systemvision 2050” asks various stakeholders from different backgrounds how to reach climate neutrality. The presentation shows how the project works, especially how the stakeholders are getting involved and in which ways the results are being derived and, finally, presented.

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