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Energy Digitalization: A Key Enabling Technology for the Clean Energy Transition

Prof. Antonello Monti, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Energy Digitalization: A Key Enabling Technology for the Clean Energy Transition


My research addresses the implications of digitisation in energy systems. Over the years I have moved from the digitisation of devices such as electric drives to the system level, first in the field of electric ships and now in the power grid. My recent experience, from research to actual application in power grids, will be my way of showing how digitalisation can enable a future clean energy system.


Energy digitalization is a complex process with significant technical, economic, and social implications. This seminar describes these effects using a bottom-up approach, beginning with grid components and culminating in Europe's cross-border energy system. We discuss digitalization's impact at every level and potential implementation architectures, illustrated via demonstration projects. We draw upon experience from substantial European projects to forecast our energy systems' possible evolution. Focus is given to the distribution grid's transformation, a significant infrastructure change. Notably, the changing role of customers from passive participants to future system drivers is also addressed.


- Digitalization and smart grid 
- The different layers of the digitalization process
- The role of power electronics
- The changing role of the customers
- The changing role of the distribution system operator
- Key requirements for data management
- The grid of the future and the key data exchanges
- Innovative architectures for the grid of the future
- Exemplary implementation cases


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