Director - ITIS department (M/F)

Référence : ITIS-2019-020

Type: Chercheur
Type de contrat: CDI
Lieu de travail: Belval, Maison de l'Innovation



The Director of ITIS reports to the CEO in relation to his/her day-to-day responsibility for the strategic, operational and financial management of LIST.




The purpose of the role is:

  • To provide scientific, academic and commercial leadership and vision for the ITIS department and to LIST more broadly;
  • To drive the continued creation of economic value from research excellence;
  • To lead the transformation and strategic re-alignment of ITIS in line with the overall LIST strategy.

Key responsibilities

These will include but not be limited to:

  • Providing scientific, visionary and academic leadership and vision for the ITIS department within LIST;
  • Ensuring scientific excellence while at the forefront of innovative, quality research and engineering with high potential for commercialisation;
  • Driving the continued creation of economic value and impact from excellent research outputs;
  • Driving the exploitation of ITIS technology to the benefit of the Luxembourgish economy;
  • Developing and enhancing existing supports for Luxembourgish industry and the third level sector;
  • Taking responsibility for all aspects of ITIS operations and management, including:

    • the delivery of agreed technical strategy, objectives, metrics and accomplishments;
    • ensuring that it operates on a sound financial basis;
    • that facilities are fit to deliver the strategic objectives;
    • that staff and PhD students are professionally recruited, managed and developed;
    • that future business prospects are developed to help deliver the agreed strategic objectives; and
    • that its accomplishments are well and efficiently communicated.

  • Ensuring that ITIS department is well-funded to deliver its strategic objectives and meets or exceeds its key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • Contributing to produce and deliver such reports as may be required by the LIST Board and Luxembourgish government, including annual reports, performance contract and preparing strategic advisory boards;
  • Working with the senior management team to deliver and to implement the strategic plan for the ITIS department;
  • Working with Luxembourgish Government ministries and agencies on the development of policies in research, development and innovation, and ensuring that ITIS’s strategy is aligned with these policies;
  • Working with all LIST stakeholders (the LIST management, staff, LIST Board of directors, University of Luxembourg, specifically the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), the Luxembourgish Government and relevant agencies, other third level institutions and industry) to determine the mission and vision for the ITIS department;
  • Being an advocate and ambassador for the LIST vision, mission and values. Specifically, actively contributing to interdisciplinarity together with the other LIST departments (MRT and ERIN);
  • Effective liaison with the FNR, University of Luxembourg, LISER, LIH and other and other third level institutions as required;
  • Representing the ITIS department at the highest possible levels with the Luxembourgish Government and agencies, industry, within the EU and more generally internationally;
  • Increasing and improving the international profile of the LIST by means of new partnerships and collaborations.

Key competencies

  • Specialisation in relevant sub-domain of data science, including artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics. International standing and reputation in own research/technology field. A deep understanding for strategic and applied research in the fields of (i) resilient cyber-physical systems (CPS);  (ii) industrial control systems (ICS), including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, or distributed control systems (DCS);  and (iii) business analytics for the data intensive service industry;
  • Strong track record of achievement in research and/or commercial accomplishment in a field relevant to LIST;
  • Extensive experience with driving successful research and technology development (RTD) at a senior level in either industry or academia, or preferably both; experience in strategic engagement at the industry-academic interface;
  • Experience in new business creation and/or development (spin-out, spin-in, start-up, etc.);
  • Demonstrable success in raising significant research funding from a variety of local, European, and international sources, as well as funding from industry partners;
  • Knowledge of the European research funding landscape and related mechanisms;
  • Vision and leadership skills to guide the further development of the LIST in general and the ITIS department specifically;
  • Experience in working with government and related agencies at a senior level on the development of research strategy and policy;
  • Extensive general management experience;
  • Strong experience in the development of successful organisational strategy and lead organizational change;
  • Excellent communication, influencing and leadership skills suited to a complex organisation;
  • Experience in media relations;
  • Experience in the management of an IP portfolio;
  • Good understanding of the ongoing needs of enterprise;
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Luxembourgish RTD environment and landscape, and how it relates to that in Europe.




Qualifications and Experience

  • More than 15 years experience of academic and industrial research. PhD in a relevant discipline together with appropriate professional awards/fellowships;
  • A multidisciplinary outlook which draws on the core disciplines of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Social Science to address a broad range of applications;
  • Demonstrable evidence of successful and entrepreneurial leadership;
  • Experience of successfully generating funding for research from both government and industry;
  • Proven ability to lead, develop and motivate a multidisciplinary team engaged in both fundamental research and its commercial exploitation, including knowledge of how to manage and exploit IP;
  • Ability to engage, inspire, guide, and understand the ways in which academic and industrial researchers work;
  • An understanding of current academic and commercial research in data science.

Leadership and management competencies

  • An entrepreneurial spirit and a flair for spotting, creating and seizing opportunities for developments that are transformative and/or make rapid impact, and having the ability to realise them through workable solutions;
  • Decisiveness and a results-driven orientation, allied with an ability to inspire and motivate research teams, encouraging participation, responsibility and accountability;
  • The ability to motivate and the sensitivity to establish good working relationships with staff at all levels;
  • The gravitas to represent and promote the aims of the department internally and externally to the academic community, industry, national and international funding bodies, government and other relevant organisations.

Personal characteristics

  • Well-developed leadership, interpersonal and influencing skills and the ability to build up and maintain effective working relationships across the organisation and with relevant stakeholders from academia, industry, funding bodies and the government;
  • Leading by example, displaying a high level of personal integrity and a commitment to the promotion of ethical values in general and for data protection/privacy specifically;
  • High level of self-motivation.


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