Master Student Internship in ECPR processes knowledge development for a high quality micro-/nano-structured metallic features over large scales (M/F)

Référence : MRT-2020-Intern-012

Type: Stagiaire
Type de contrat: Stage
Durée: 6 months
Lieu de travail: Belvaux



The MRT Department’s research and technology activities target two main areas: nanomaterials and nanotechnology and sustainable polymeric and composite materials. The Nanomaterials/Nanotechnology Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) unit addresses specific technology fields like transducing materials for sensors and actuators, photocatalysis and energy harvesters/suppliers, transparent electronics and conductive/optical nanocomposites, point-of-care and drug delivery and relies on state-of-the-art clean-room laboratory facility. Internal research is pushed towards the "proof-of-concept" based on simple prototyped devices. In parallel, new synthesis processes and nanomaterials integration are developed in order to achieve unique elaboration capabilities and materials properties leveraging the innovation of advanced products.




The aim of the internship is to contribute to the knowledge development of the ECPR (ElectroChemical Pattern Replication) processes. ECPR is a lithography based technique which allows the fabrication of micro- to nano- structured metallic features over large scale samples. In this perspective, the candidate will specifically have to contribute to the development of bench top ECPR prototype and investigate the application of the ECPR principle to gold chemistry process. He will also contribute to the fabrication by spin-coating of the home-made ECPR molds.

Sample characterisations will mainly be carried out with optical microscopy, mechanical profilometry, scanning electronic microscopy. Chemical composition characterisations will be done with the onsite available techniques (EDX, TOF-SIMS, DRX and XPS eventually).





  •     Undergraduate student (Master 2)


  •     Knowledge in physical-chemistry and nanotechnology science
  •     Experience in electrodeposition and/or electroanalytical chemistry would be appreciated


  •     Fluency in French and English (spoken and written) is a must


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Dr Guillaume LAMBLIN
Dr Guillaume LAMBLIN