Biocontrol Pest Management System


Pest management is still mainly performed using synthetic chemicals, but the development of environmentally friendly methods to control pests, referred to as biocontrol, is progressing rapidly, with the value of the global biocontrol market expected to reach more than $4.5 billion by 2019. The field of biocontrol includes various techniques for integrated pest management, using macro-organisms, micro-organisms, pheromones, kairomones and natural substances originating from animals, minerals and plants to control pests and pathogens.


The  Biocontrol Pest Management System is a concept that would provide a protective apparatus to produce and deliver a biopesticide and/or repellent product in situ from an inactive natural precursor.

Expected Benefits

  • Biological solution to repeal pathogens
  • Low persistence in the environment
  • Produces a constant flux of molecules upon activation
  • Non-toxic for the handler
  • Good storage properties

Potential Applications

The Biocontrol Pest Protection will target the following sectors:

  • covered crops, such as tomato and cucumber
  • open field horticulture and fruit crops
  • home and garden markets
Domaines de recherche
  • Environment

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