TILT System


Indoor positioning solutions have been creating buzz in the location-based services arena in recent years, but until now these technologies have had a low accuracy rate. Existing positioning solutions for outdoor use do not work well indoors due to both their wide geographic range (around 10 metres) and the difficulty of ensuring a satellite signal inside buildings. Several alternative solutions have been developed, but most require the use of specific and expensive technology and infrastructure. The Luxembourg Institute of Science in Technology offers the TILT System, a new patented method for improving the accuracy of indoor positioning for mobile devices without any new investment in equipment required.


TILT system is an indoor location system for mobile devices that provides accurate positioning in large venues. It works with existing Wi-Fi access point infrastructure and any smart mobile device (phone, tablet, etc.) equipped with the Android platform, making it cost-effective to deploy. By measuring the received signal strength indication and the construction of a values map of predetermined positions, combined with innovative and reliable algorithms, the system can determine the position of a mobile user with a high rate of precision (1-2 metres). In addition to Wi-Fi infrastructure, the system is readily applicable to any electromagnetic signals emitted by fixed equipment (Bluetooth BLE, RFID chips, etc.).


  • Cost-effective deployment
  • Uses existing infrastructure
  • Precise indoor positioning (to 1-2 meters)
  • Applicable to other electromagnetic signaling equipment

Potential Applications

The TILT System can be applied across a range of areas including:

  • Logistics
  • Security
  • Entertainment
  • Cultural activities
  • Direct social marketing
  • Flux management
  • Event management
Domaines de recherche
  • IT

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Propriété Intellectuelle

The system is patented “Method for determining indoor locations of mobile receiver units” in the name of LIST: EP2887748.

Types de collaboration

  • License Agreement
  • Testing of new applications



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