Online Conference "So you think you're green? Focus on Food"


Within the Science to be Green project, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is organizing four events to disseminate scientific knowledge regarding the quantification of environmental impacts, to further support their reduction through individual behaviours.

This third event will focus on the impacts of food, from the agricultural activity to the consumer plate. Based on scientific outcomes, we will understand how different solutions can contribute to the reduction of Luxembourg’s carbon footprint, and if there are any trade-offs to consider before changing our dietary habits.

Throughout the seminar, the audience will be engaged in the discussion via a live polling system, to answer questions about their food consumption choices and related impacts.



17:00 – 18:30: Interactive seminar with Q&A

Presented by: Mélanie Guiton, Claudia Hitaj, Elorri Igos




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Online Conference "So you think you're green? Focus on Food"


Informations pratiques

Date: 18th March 2021

Language: English

Time: 17:00 to 18:30

Format: Online Conference

Registration fees:  The registration is free of charge, but mandatory. You’ll receive a confirmation email a few days before the event.


Dr. Elorri IGOS
Dr. Elorri IGOS
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