Society And Materials International Conference (SAM9)


The 9th edition of the Society and Materials Conference, SAM-9, will be held at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), in Luxembourg on the 11th and 12th May 2015

As part of the Social Value of Materials (SOVAMAT) initiative, SAM conferences address the issues of sustainability assessment of processes and products in order to foster interaction of soft and hard sciences, by bringing together an interdisciplinary research community to discuss new metrics developments extending beyond common LCA and strategies of sustainable development.



Day 1 - 11th May

9.00   Introduction by Jean-Pierre Birat, ESTEP

9.10   Welcome address by Paul Schosseler, LIST

Session 1: Circular economy

9.20    Keynote lecture by Eric Pirard, University of Liège

10.00  Development of a circular economy approach for construction materials in Luxembourg
           Alina Beloussova, LIST

10.20  A review of methodologies to assess the value of waste management and the circular economy:
           a case study of Flanders (Belgium)
           Maarten Dubois, KU Leuven

10.40  Closing the loop for aluminium cans
           Monia Niero, DTU

11.00  Coffee break

Session 2: LCA applications and new developments

11.30   Keynote by Julian Allwood, University of Cambridge

12.10   Global algorithms for LCA-based multi-goal constrained optimization of potable water plants
            Florin Capitanescu, LIST
12.30   Approach to put local environmental impacts in context to local added value - the example of
            ship scrapping within the lifecycle
            Nathanael Ko, University of Stuttgart

12.50   Ready-to-use and advanced methodologies to prioritise the regionalisation effort in LCA
            Laure Patouillard, CIRAIG

13.10   Lunch

14.10   Keynote lecture by François Maréchal, EPFL

14.50   Characterization of urban building stocks in a life cycle assessment framework: a case study in
            Alessio Mastrucci, LIST

15.10   A simplified tool to evaluate the sustainability of building in steel in early stages of design
            Paulo Santos, University of Coimbra

15.30   Reducing burdens in LCA : Overriding Life Cycle Assessment in Small-Medium Enterprises for the
            Wood Product Industry
            Heather M. Davidson, FCBA

15.50   Comparing upcycling vs downcycling for construction and demolition waste: the case of concrete
            Andrea Di Maria, KU Leuven

16.10   Coffee bre

Session 3a: Material flow analysis and Critical raw materials

16.40   Narratives and materials
            Jean-Pierre Birat, ESTEP

17.00   Material System Analysis of Critical Raw Materials in Europe
            Charlotte Petiot, C., BIO Intelligence Service

17.20   Conceptual Evaluation Model and Methodology for criticality of materials in a Product and
            Industrial Level
            Yanya Jin, UT Troyes

17.40   End of sessions day 1

18.30   Luxembourg City tour

20.30   Dinner at Brasserie du Cercle

Day 2 - 12th May

Session 3b: Material flow analysis and Critical raw materials

09.00   Keynote lecture: "Social innovation: a new paradigm for sustainable material development ?" by Antonius Schröder, University of Dortmund

09.40   Critical aspects of the application of material flow analysis on plant level
            Verena Trinkel, TU Wien

10.00   Elaborating the history of our cementing societies: an in-use stock perspective
            Gang Liu, University of Southern Denmark

10.20   The recycling rate of steel
            Philippe Russo, Arcelor Mittal

10.40   Dynamic MFA of steel in Europe
            Daryna Panasiuk, IRT

11.00   Coffee break

Session 4: LCA and biomass

11.30   From trees to electricity, the physics beyond LCA
            Olivier Mirgaux, University of Lorraine

11.50   Implementing industrial ecology: what the bio-based construction materials case can teach us?
            Jérémie Joubert, UT Troyes

12.10   Variability of the environmental impacts of raw cork
            Dias Ana, University of Aveiro

12.30   Life cycle assessment of wood construction produkts fabricated in the Walloon region
            (Belgium) - Comparison of process and imput-output LCA
            Zeller  Vanessa, Université Libre Bruxelles

12.50   Lunch

Session 5: Societal, economics and sustainability issues

14.00   Keynote lecture by Ichiro Daigo, University of Tokyo

14.30   Overview of concrete experiences and exchange of best practises in the field of sustainability
            Isabelle Chaput, RDC Environnement

14.50   Society and materials in the European policies for responsible and innovation
            Andrea Declich, Laboratory of Citizenship Sciences

15.10   The social value of a steel product: The launch of an action research based on the theory of
            value in economics
            Mélodie Caraty, Arcelor Mittal

15.30   Coffee break

16.00   Property-based structural value of steel
            Daisuke Matsui, University of Tokyo

16.20   Monitoring the environmental and energy impacts of electric arc furnace making
            Valentina Colla, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

16.50   Key sustainability performance indicators selection for the recycling carbon fibers sector
            Baptiste Pillain, University of Bordeaux

17.10  SAM 9 Conclusions
            Jean-Pierre Birat, ESTEP



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Society And Materials International Conference (SAM9)

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Informations pratiques

Langue: Anglais

Dates/time: 11-12 May 2015


Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)
29, avenue John F. Kennedy
L-1855 Luxembourg Kirchberg

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