LIST at the Researchers' Days 2022

On 25-26 November 2022, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) will participate in the new edition of the Researchers' Days, organised by the National Research Fund (FNR) at the Rockhal, in Esch-sur-Alzette (Belval).

On Friday 25th the Researchers days will open its doors to students at school in Luxembourg, then to the public on Saturday 26th.

The purpose of this event is to present and promote science and research in Luxembourg and to foster the interest of young people and the general public in science and technology, through interactive workshops and science-related shows.

LIST researchers will hold 4 booths to present their activities as well as a Science Café Session on Friday.

Science Café:

L'eau - une ressource extraordinaire et … extraterrestre / Water – an extraordinary … and extraterrestrial resource

Have you ever wondered about how unique – or maybe universal – water is on Earth, the Moon and beyond? While historical lunar exploration missions in the 1960’s had concluded on a ‘bone-dry’ planetary body, this paradigm has been recently revised with the discovery of water on the Moon.

Booths on Friday and Saturday:

"How plants drinks?"

Ever wondered what happens to the water you pour in your plant pots every week, where it goes, and how it gets there? Discover the intriguing behaviour of water and how plants deal with it. Learn why and how plants drink and experience with your own hands some of the amazing forces involved in it.

"The incredible potential of 5G: See for yourself with hands-on testing!"

The aim of the workshop is to raise awareness of 5G and one of its key applications: Connected mobility. A series of three demonstrations will be showcased with the aim of explaining, visually and intuitively, new and future communication technologies and their benefits to society with interactive sessions, robot cars, simulators and much more! Come and discover the potential of these technologies!

"Levitation, Plasma...-Wawes and Fields Interacting with Matter."

Wawes and Fields interact with Matter to give rise to spectacular phenoma such as aurora polaris, lightining strikes and levitation of objects. Explore these interactions to human eye and Discover the Science behinf the Magic!

"No more battery, let's harvest energy!"

Batteries are everywhere, though they are made of harmful and hardly recyclable materials. But there are ways to get rid of them, thanks to special materials. Let's harvest energy from the Sun, from vibrations, from air blow, from heat and even from see waves!


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