Innovation In Humanitarian Habitat


The Shelter Research Unit of the Luxembourg Red Cross, together with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, organise a scientific-technical conference on October 27 2023 in Neumünster Abbey in Luxembourg.

This unique event proposes an opportunity to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for a more efficient and respectful humanitarian habitat by gathering researchers, humanitarian experts, industrialists and students for a technical exchange complemented by exhibitions and round tables. It also aims to respond to the need for humanitarian construction in Africa by bringing additional engineering and architectural expertise, as well as the technical and professional capacity available in the Luxembourg market to meet this need.


Scientific conference “Innovation in Humanitarian Habitat”

Innovation in Humanitarian Habitat is a scientific conference targeted at researchers and PhD students. The conference aims to promote research relevant to the humanitarian sector and the environment while ensuring inclusion of gender. Interested participants can submit their papers to the scientific committee, which will evaluate and provide comments, and may approve the paper for presentation during the conference. After the event, the selected papers will be published here.

Subthematics addressed for the scientific conference:

  •     Technical innovation in sustainable humanitarian habitat
  •     Humanitarian architecture and engineering in sustainable humanitarian habitat
  •     Resilience, health, security, and sustainability in humanitarian habitat
  •     Partnership, participation, and collaboration for effective humanitarian shelter response

Call for abstracts

Technical exchange “The Humanitarian Habitat Showcase”

The Humanitarian Habitat Showcase is a technical exchange event that includes exhibitions and presentations, and which is addressed to humanitarian experts, industrialists related to the humanitarian sector, and sector-related professionals.

Participants can take part in the event by responding to a nominative call for participants for the roundtables and presentations. The modality of presentations can be envisaged according to the preferences of the participants. After the event, a digital presentation will be made available.


Students competition “Towards Positive Environmental Impact”

Towards Positive Humanitarian Impact is a competition for Master’s students with an Architecture or Engineering profile, which is aimed at promoting local creations with global impact. Applications in multidisciplinary teams will be encouraged, with the integration of professionals and industrialists as an added value. The technical feasibility of the proposal is also a selection criterion.

Interested participants can download the call for proposals document below to find out how to participate. The planned timetable includes:

    June: Competition launch
    10 October: Submission of papers
    15 October: Publication of selected works and construction budget allocation
    26 October: Prototype construction
    27 October: Exhibition & Awards ceremony
    2024: Viability assessment, redesign and test under real conditions

During the event, the students will have the possibility to build their own prototype. The three selected projects will be exhibited, and the winning prototype will be tested in real conditions in a country where the Luxembourg Red Cross is active.

Call for proposals


>> Programme and more information in the dedicated website

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Informations pratiques

Date: 27.10.2023

Venue: Neimënster Abbey, Luxembourg City

Website: Visit

Registration fees: Participation at the event is free of charge, but registration is compulsory



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