In Tech Advantage, we’ll delve into some of the latest innovations in materials technology, sustainability and IT. The podcast will feature conversations with experts but also short quick-bite episodes on technology topics that are shaping the world today.

[Conversation #5] - Generative AI: Veni, vidi, vici?

S01 / E07 - 19 Feb 2024

This week, we speak with Francesco Ferrero, Director of the IT for Innovative Services Department at LIST, about the advent and rapid democratization of generative AI, the role it plays in our lives and what policymakers and researchers are doing to rein it in while simultaneously making the best use of it.

[Conversation #4] - On (green) hydrogen: production, challenges and opportunities

S01 / E06 - 05 Feb 2024

In this episode, we speak with Bianca-Rita Pistillo, Partnership Development Officer at LIST, about how researchers are tackling the challenges in hydrogen production and looking into new and sustainable ways of producing the fuel, which holds significant promise as a clean energy source. The transcript is available here.

[Solo episode #2] – The metaverse or how to be virtually real

S01 / E05 - 23 Jan 2024

In the second of our short solo episodes, we take a tour of the metaverse.

[Conversation #3] - The importance and the know-how of recovering waste heat to produce energy

S01 / E04 - 09 Jan 2024

In this episode, we spoke with Pascal Moisy, Head of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility manager at ArcelorMittal, Luxembourg, about the process of waste heat recovery and its significance. We also discussed the innovative heat-recovery optimization tool that has been the result of a longstanding partnership between LIST and ArcelorMittal. This episode is in French, the English transcript is available here.

[Solo episode #1] – Are your IoT gadgets secure?

S01 / E03 - 19 Dec 2023

In our very first quick-bite episode, we delve into Internet of Things and help you make sure that your IoT devices are secure to use or to gift this holiday season.

[Conversation #2] – How has wastewater monitoring helped the fight against Covid-19 (and other infectious diseases)?

S01 / E02 - 05 Dec 2023

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Wastewater surveillance and its use in determining the status quo of the health situation gained particular prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic. It has proven to be an effective tool for gathering timely and valuable intelligence regardless of people's behaviour (such as their willingness to get tested, for example) and interventions (such as the implementation of containment measures). What does wastewater monitoring involve? Would such a surveillance mechanism help predict the next pandemic?
We spoke to Dr Leslie Ogorzaly, senior researcher within the Environmental Research and Innovation department at LIST, to try to answer these questions.

[Conversation #1] – How sustainable composites are changing the way we think of materials

S01 / E01 - 20 Nov 2023

When we think of innovation in materials technology, we envision a landscape where cutting-edge research and creative thinking converge to transform the way we construct or manufacture and utilize materials, while simultaneously addressing environmental concerns. Sustainable composites represent one such innovation, which has been significant, to say the least, in the quest for eco-friendly and resource efficient materials.

On this episode we speak to Dr Damien Lenoble, Director of the Materials Research and Technology department, at LIST, to know a little bit about these composites and how they've had a remarkable impact on various sectors.

Welcome to Tech Advantage

S00 / E00 - 07 Nov 2023

Here's a taste of what you can expect from Tech Advantage, a podcast by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.

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