Best demo award of "Mensch und Computer" 2016: second place for TULIP

Publié le 09/09/2016

A team of three researchers from the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) took part in the conference "Mensch und Computer". Held in Aachen on 4-7 September 2016, this main venue in the field of Human Computer Interaction in Germany attract each year about 700-800 participants from academia and industry every year.

There, they made a demonstration of TULIP, a widget-based software framework for developing tangible user interface applications. TULIP was demonstrated as support for instantiating collaborative problem solving scenarios. This framework is one of the results of the Erasmus+ project ReEngage, used in the H2020 Marie Curie project GETUI.

The conference participants showed great interest in the demonstrator, and a lot of exchange and new connections could be created. Out of the 16 demos presented at the conference, TULIP was rated second for the best demo award!

Below, some photographies of the conference

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