Environmental Policies

The Environmental Policies group (EPS) provides science-based support to the definition, implementation and evaluation of environmental policies at national and EU level, and gives regulatory support for RDI at the interface of science, technologies and policies.


With its regulatory, scientific and technical competences, our group:

  • Supports national authorities in the definition, implementation and evaluation of policies
  • Contributes to European policy implementation
  • Supports companies (incl. SMEs) in compliance and environmental management
  • Fosters the consideration of regulatory and environmental/health/safety (EHS) aspects in RDI projects
  • Anticipates and analyses emerging policy fields

We work in particular on policies around chemicals, (industrial) installations, waste, deconstruction and soil.


Our group provides a range of deliverable and outcomes, such as:

  • Digital tools, methods and guidelines for companies and authorities
  • Regulatory/technical expertise (opinions, reports, analyses)
  • Helpdesk (high reactivity support)
  • Knowledge transfer (events, platforms)

Examples of applications are:

  •  Betriber&Emwelt platform: This exchange platform ensures the knowledge transfer around environmental legislation to companies in Luxembourg via events, trainings, newsletter, etc. and helps to understand their needs and identify RDI opportunities.
  • REACH&CLP Helpdesk: The national helpdesk for the European chemicals legislations support companies, especially SMEs to fulfil their obligations under European regulations REACH, CLP and POP.
  • LIFE AskREACH provides the digital tools for an efficient communication between companies and consumers about substances of very high concern in products.
  • The demolition waste inventory and guidelines allow deconstruction projects to fulfil their requirements from waste legislation and fosters the recycling and re-use of building material. The asset will be further developed in the DigitalDeConstruction project (Advanced Digital Solutions Supporting Reuse and High-Quality Recycling of Building Materials).
  • A wide range of reports and analyses on emerging policy issues (e.g. 5G, nanofabrication), major environmental challenges (e.g. water consumption in industry, drinking water production, contaminated sites), and regulatory aspect in research projects (e.g. NBactSpace).
Domaines de recherche
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