Continuous downstream processing


Jungbauer A., Satzer P., Duerauer A., Azevedo A., Aires-Barros R., Nilsson B., Farid S., Goldrick S., Ottens M., Sponchioni M., Marcelo Fernandez Lahore H.


Separation and Purification Technology, vol. 338, art. no. 126439, 2024


The main objectives of bioprocesses are to reliably deliver drugs in a relatively short time frame with high quality within a tight regulatory framework. Bioprocesses are highly complex, the level of automation is moderate, and there is constant pressure to improve efficiency and costs. In addition, climate change and resource scarcity mandate a reduction in the environmental footprint of bioprocesses and production facilities. In the biopharmaceutical industry, two extreme production scenarios are applied: a fully disposable factory with the characteristics of full flexibility and speed, or a fixed large-scale plant with high capacity. Forward-looking solutions and ideas will be discussed how to combine new processes and environmental friendliness for the benefit of the patient, security of supply and profitability. The concept will be extended to large scale production of proteins for food and non-pharma applications, e.g., in material science and a roadmap towards a future plant will be laid out.



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