Intranational synergies and trade-offs reveal common and differentiated priorities of sustainable development goals in China


Xing Q., Wu C., Chen F., Liu J., Pradhan P., Bryan B.A., Schaubroeck T., Carrasco L.R., Gonsamo A., Li Y., Chen X., Deng X., Albanese A., Li Y., Xu Z.


Nature Communications, vol. 15, n° 1, art. no. 2251, 2024


Accelerating efforts for the Sustainable Development Goals requires understanding their synergies and trade-offs at the national and sub-national levels, which will help identify the key hurdles and opportunities to prioritize them in an indivisible manner for a country. Here, we present the importance of the 17 goals through synergy and trade-off networks. Our results reveal that 19 provinces show the highest trade-offs in SDG13 (Combating Climate Change) or SDG5 (Gender Equality) consistent with the national level, with other 12 provinces varying. 24 provinces show the highest synergies in SDG1 (No Poverty) or SDG6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) consistent with the national level, with the remaining 7 provinces varying. These common but differentiated SDG priorities reflect that to ensure a coordinated national response, China should pay more attention to the provincial situation, so that provincial governments can formulate more targeted policies in line with their own priorities towards accelerating sustainable development.



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