Developing the crowd simulation scenario (CSS) ontology supporting building evacuation design


C. Boje


in the 7th Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Workshop, LDAC 2019, Lisbon, Portugal, CEUR Wokshop Proceedings, vol. 2389, pp. 50-63, 19-21 June 2019


The recurring interoperability problem within the construction industry has led to the exploration of linked data technologies. Evacuation design for buildings is a very complex domain which is evaluated using strict regulations and several models. Crowd Simulation Tools (CSTs) are increasingly used to assess building performance, but they require many iterations subjected to manual user input and assumptions from several sources. This article introduces the newly created Crowd Simulation Scenario (CSS) ontology, which is meant to represent the domain ontologically, but to also be used in practice for automation and feedback. The nature of simulation tools, the complex human behaviour which they describe, and the connection to the BIM were considered when developing the ontology.

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