From a natural disaster to digital transformation


S. Turki, S. Martin, S. Renault, V. Turczi, and M. Alletti


Proceedings of the European Conference on e-Government, ECEG, vol. 2019-October, Nicosia, Cyprus, 24-25 October 2019, p. 161-169, ISBN: 978-191276440-2, 2019


Between May and June 2016, Département du Loiret and Orléans Métropôle suffered a centennial flood. The sheer extent of disruption caused by these floods highlighted the pressing need for a new approach to managing mobility in case of disaster. This approach had to cross the boundaries of the various administrative authorities and to involve the private sector and civil society. This paper describes the initiatives taken by the local authorities to improve disaster preparedness in the region and the underlying digital and management transformations that have taken place. The change concerned at least the involvement of citizens, the procurement processes, the collection and opening of data, the design, implementation and use of digital services.



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