Towards a language to support value cocreation: An extension to the ArchiMate modeling framework



C. Feltus, E.H. Proper, and K. Haki


in Proceedings of the 2018 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, FedCSIS 2018, Poznan, Poland, 9-12 September 2018, art. no. 8511147, pp. 751-760, 2018


Value cocreation is gaining momentum as organizations' underlying business logic and encompasses tools and techniques for discovering new valuable and necessary artefacts to support inter-organizational and network-centric business activities. To cocreate value, organizations must talk to each other using a clear and easy to use language. In the course of the ValCoLa (Value Cocreation Language) proj ect, we aim at elaborating such language. To that end, in previous work, we developed a value cocreation metamodel based on three dimensions: the nature of the value, the object concerned by the value and the method to cocreate value. In this paper, we first extend ArchiMate to the domain of value cocreation to provide our metamodel with a dedicated modeling language. Second, we illustrate the language with a case study from the financial sector.



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