Towards a Multidimensional Ontology Model for DIH-Based Organisations


Feltus C., Nicolas D., Khadraoui D.


International Journal of Knowledge and Systems Science, vol. 14, n° 1, 2023


Digital innovation hubs are of utmost importance when they sustain cooperation in innovative technological domains like the cyber-physical system. In this paper, the authors introduce, in the first part, a DIH ontology that they extend (1) with network and (2) with CPS entities. For this, they remind the questions that the ontology must answer, deploy the methodology proposed by Noy and McGuinness to identify the classes and the associations between classes, and integrate the new CPS ontological extensions. In the second part, they implement the full innovative DIH4CPS ontology within Protégé, and they instantiate it to a real company.



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