Towards a Smart Robot Model for Traffic Signal Management in Developing Countries


Najjar A., Prakash H., Tchappi I., Ndamlabin Mboula J.E., Mualla Y.


HAI 2022 - Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Human-Agent Interaction, pp. 333-336, 2022


Traffic congestion remains a major issue in the majority of developing countries. Intersections, in particular, are one of the major bottlenecks in road networks, exacerbating congestion. In these countries, policemen are regularly used to control traffic at intersections due to the social behaviors of drivers. However, policemen experience a lot of stress from long working hours and have the risk of accidents. Therefore, effective control of traffic at intersections taking into account the social behavior of drivers is an important strategy for improving traffic flow. To address this, in this paper to control the traffic at the intersection of a road network, a robot model for traffic signal management system using a web-based traffic simulator is presented.



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