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The software and tools that architects, engineers and urban planners currently use help them to generate, modify, simulate and optimise urban solutions.

While these solutions generally offer good optimisation techniques and allow to evaluate various environmental challenges, they are still not collaborative enough and do not foster a participatory design approach, which results in an increased gap between urban planning experts and citizens.

These top-down approaches must have a more human dimension.


MUST is a technology that will help to create better urban solutions by adding a social aspect to current optimisation techniques.

It will therefore allow to properly address urban planning issues, by minimising the environmental impact of our modern societies and giving the opportunity to local citizens to participate in designing the urban spaces we live in.


MUST will create a synergy between experts in urban planning, who master the necessary computational/optimisation techniques, and local citizens all along the design process. 

The technology will undoubtedly foster citizens’ commitment to urban planning. Our new flexible, dynamic and iterative system will thus support field-experts in their daily work, especially in the early stages of the design process, thanks to advanced and innovative technological and communication devices.


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