Characterization of functionally graded adhesives using radiation curing



S. Najafian, A. Cassano, S.E. Stapleton, and D.F. Schmidt


AIAA Scitech Science and Technology Forum and Exposition, Virtual, 11-15 January, ISBN: 978-162410609-5, pp. 1-5, 2021


Grading adhesive properties across a bondline can lead to more unniform stresses and increased strength without altering the geometry of the adherends. In this research, radiation sensitizers have been added to adhesives to create a secondary cross-linking possibility that is activated with radiation. In this way the adhesive stiffness and strength can be controlled by controlling the exposure to radition. In this paper, a system of grading adhesive properties is introduced and the double cantilver beam test results show that the gradation not only changes stiffness and strength, but also mode I fracture properties. Additionally, specimens were created with graded properties along the bondline and test results will be presented in the final paper.

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