DataDoc Analyzer: A Tool for Analyzing the Documentation of Scientific Datasets


Giner-Miguelez J., Gómez A., Cabot J.


International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Proceedings, pp. 5046-5050, 2023


Recent public regulatory initiatives and relevant voices in the ML community have identified the need to document datasets according to several dimensions to ensure the fairness and trustworthiness of machine learning systems. In this sense, the data-sharing practices in the scientific field have been quickly evolving in the last years, with more and more research works publishing technical documentation together with the data for replicability purposes. However, this documentation is written in natural language, and its structure, content focus, and composition vary, making them challenging to analyze. We present DataDoc Analyzer, a tool for analyzing the documentation of scientific datasets by extracting the details of the main dimensions required to analyze the fairness and potential biases. We believe that our tool could help improve the quality of scientific datasets, aid dataset curators during its documentation process, and be a helpful tool for empirical studies on the overall quality of the datasets used in the ML field. The tool implements an ML pipeline that uses Large Language Models at its core for information retrieval. DataDoc is open-source, and a public demo is published online.



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