High cooling performance in a double-loop electrocaloric heat pump


Li J., Torelló A., Kovacova V., Prah U., Aravindhan A., Granzow T., Usui T., Hirose S., Defay E.


Science, vol. 382, n° 6672, pp. 801-805, 2023


Cooling through solid-state electrocaloric materials is an attractive replacement for vapor compression. Despite recent efforts, devices that are potentially commercially competitive have not been developed. We present an electrocaloric cooler with a maximum temperature span of 20.9 kelvin and a maximum cooling power of 4.2 watts under the moderate applied electric field of 10 volts per micrometer without any observed breakdown. Moreover, the maximum coefficient of performance, even taking into account energy expended on fluid pumping, reaches 64% of Carnot’s efficiency as long as energy is properly recovered. We believe that this demonstration shows electrocaloric cooling to be a very promising alternative to vapor compression cooling.



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