High-Fidelity Optical Readout of a Nuclear-Spin Qubit in Silicon Carbide


Hesselmeier E., Kuna P., Knolle W., Kaiser F., Son N.T., Ghezellou M., Ul-Hassan J., Vorobyov V., Wrachtrup J.


Physical Review Letters, vol. 132, n° 18, art. no. 180804, 2024


Quantum state readout is a key requirement for a successful qubit platform. In this work, we demonstrate a high-fidelity quantum state readout of a V2 center nuclear spin based on a repetitive readout technique. We demonstrate up to 99.5% readout fidelity and 99% for state preparation. Using this efficient readout, we initialize the nuclear spin by measurement and demonstrate its Rabi and Ramsey nutation. Finally, we use the nuclear spin as a long-lived memory for quantum sensing application of a weakly coupled diatomic nuclear-spin bath.



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