Large pyroelectric energy conversion in lead scandium tantalate thin films


Aravindhan A., Glinsek S., Girod S., Blazquez Martinez A., Granzow T., Kovacova V., Defay E.


Heliyon, vol. 10, n° 9, art. no. e30430, 2024


Non-linear pyroelectric energy harvesting using ferroelectric thin films exhibits high energy conversion, primarily due to their large breakdown field compared to bulks. Here, we report the pyroelectric energy conversion potential of lead scandium tantalate, Pb(Sc1/2Ta1/2)O3 (PST) thin film fabricated on a c-sapphire substrate using chemical solution deposition. To enable the application of high electric field and to assess the pyroelectric energy conversion performance, interdigitated electrodes were deposited on the PST thin film. A maximum harvested energy density of 9.1 J cm−3 per cycle was deduced from polarization measurements in films undergoing an Olsen cycle between 0 °C and 150 °C when the electric field was varied between 50 and 1500 kV/cm. Furthermore, PST thin films can reach up to 27 % of Carnot efficiency for a temperature interval of 10 K between 30 °C and 40 °C. This study highlights the significance of PST thin films for electro-thermal energy harvesting and promising opportunities for enhancing the conversion efficiency and power density using thin films or thin film multi-layer capacitors in the future for thermal energy harvesting.



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