LixCoyOz thin-films deposition through thermal atomic layer deposition


Peisert A., Adjeroud N., Lenoble D., Lamblin G.


Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces and Films, vol. 41, n° 6, art. no. 062403, 2023


3D-Li ion batteries are identified as one of the most promising technologies for improving portable and safe energy storage devices. One of the main remaining challenges to be tackled in that regard is the manufacture of efficient nanostructured electrode materials. In this paper, we report on the first realization of an electrochemically active cathodic LixCoyOz material grown via a thermal atomic layer deposition process based on the combination of Co(thd)2 and Li(thd) organometallic ligands and O3 as an oxidizing agent. Comprehensive characterizations comprising XPS, Raman, HIM (helium ion microscopy)-SIMS, and the first ever SEM images of a thermal-atomic layer deposition (ALD) deposited LixCoyOz material are shown and discussed as well and the very first electrochemical results to attest the electrochemical activity of the deposited material. Those results act as the first demonstration that lithiated materials and more precisely, LixCoyOz, can be grown via an advanced thermal ALD.



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