Preliminary Systemic Model of (Human) Digital Twin


Naudet Y., Stahl C., Gallais M.


ACM International Conference Proceeding Series, pp. 562-567, 2023


This paper is an ongoing work seeking to establish a generic definition and model of the Human Digital Twin (HDT) concept, independently from the application sector. The goal is to help researchers knowing more precisely what is or could be a HDT and an initial step step towards a unifying and generic definition and model grounded in the systemics theory. We propose a systemic model of Digital Twin (DT), where HDT is a specific class of DT. The last years of literature on HDT are reviewed, to build a generic definition, extract the main components and integrate them in a generic systemic model centred on the DT and HDT concepts as systems. Doing this, we make explicit the link between DT and the systems they twin, including the special system that is the human-being, when a DT becomes a HDT.



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