Privacy-Preserving Federated Singular Value Decomposition


Liu B., Pejó B., Tang Q.


Applied Sciences (Switzerland), vol. 13, n° 13, art. no. 7373, 2023


Singular value decomposition (SVD) is a fundamental technique widely used in various applications, such as recommendation systems and principal component analyses. In recent years, the need for privacy-preserving computations has been increasing constantly, which concerns SVD as well. Federated SVD has emerged as a promising approach that enables collaborative SVD computation without sharing raw data. However, existing federated approaches still need improvements regarding privacy guarantees and utility preservation. This paper moves a step further towards these directions: we propose two enhanced federated SVD schemes focusing on utility and privacy, respectively. Using a recommendation system use-case with real-world data, we demonstrate that our schemes outperform the state-of-the-art federated SVD solution. Our utility-enhanced scheme (utilizing secure aggregation) improves the final utility and the convergence speed by more than 2.5 times compared with the existing state-of-the-art approach. In contrast, our privacy-enhancing scheme (utilizing differential privacy) provides more robust privacy protection while improving the same aspect by more than 25%.



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