Roadmap for focused ion beam technologies


Höflich K., Hobler G., Allen F.I., Wirtz T., Rius G., McElwee-White L., Krasheninnikov A.V., Schmidt M., Utke I., Klingner N., Osenberg M., Córdoba R., Djurabekova F., Manke I., Moll P., Manoccio M., De Teresa J.M., Bischoff L., Michler J., De Castro O., Delobbe A., Dunne P., Dobrovolskiy O.V., Frese N., Gölzhäuser A., Mazarov P., Koelle D., Möller W., Pérez-Murano F., Philipp P., Vollnhals F., Hlawacek G.


Applied Physics Reviews, vol. 10, n° 4, art. no. 041311, 2023


The focused ion beam (FIB) is a powerful tool for fabrication, modification, and characterization of materials down to the nanoscale. Starting with the gallium FIB, which was originally intended for photomask repair in the semiconductor industry, there are now many different types of FIB that are commercially available. These instruments use a range of ion species and are applied broadly in materials science, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, and even archaeology. The goal of this roadmap is to provide an overview of FIB instrumentation, theory, techniques, and applications. By viewing FIB developments through the lens of various research communities, we aim to identify future pathways for ion source and instrumentation development, as well as emerging applications and opportunities for improved understanding of the complex interplay of ion-solid interactions. We intend to provide a guide for all scientists in the field that identifies common research interest and will support future fruitful interactions connecting tool development, experiment, and theory. While a comprehensive overview of the field is sought, it is not possible to cover all research related to FIB technologies in detail. We give examples of specific projects within the broader context, referencing original works and previous review articles throughout.



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