User experience: A concept without consensus? Exploring practitioners’ perspectives through an international survey



C. Lallemand, G. Groniera, and V. Koenig


Computers in Human Behavior, vol. 43, no. , pp. 35-48, 2015.


For more than a decade, User Experience (UX) has grown into a core concept of Human–Computer Interaction (HCI). Practitioners and researchers from a wide range of disciplines are daily working with this concept. However, despite many attempts to understand, define and scope UX, one may still wonder whether a consensus has been reached on this concept. In a willingness to address the complexity of this research topic and bring the concept of UX to maturity, a replication of an international survey has been conducted. The main goal of the present study is to get a better understanding of practitioners’ viewpoints on the notion of UX and to analyze potential evolutions over time in the understanding and practical use of the concept. As both practical and theoretical implications of UX are of the greatest importance for whoever designs interactive systems, the exploration of practitioners’ perspectives is a valuable step toward continual improvement of UX activities. The present survey has been conducted amongst 758 practitioners and researchers from 35 nationalities. It allows to better understand how this concept is understood and used throughout the world. Amongst interesting results, important differences were observed according to the geographical location and background of the respondents.


doi: 10.1016/j.chb.2014.10.048

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