Using ArchiMate to model a process assessment framework



M. Silva, M. Mira da Silva, B. Barafort, M. Vicente, and P. Sousa


in 30th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing, April 13-17, 2015, Salamanca, Spain (SAC '15), pp. 1189-1194, 2015


The Tudor IT Service Management Process Assessment, also known as TIPA, is a process assessment framework that meets two standards: the ISO/IEC 15504 Process Assessment and ITIL. The main benefits of a TIPA for ITIL assessment are to provide an IT service management plan and a management framework for process improvement. However, this framework does not have any relationship between EA principles that are useful in understanding organizations and the business. Meaning, it is difficult not only to assess the process maturity based on EA principles but also to relate the process improvement plan presented in TIPA with these EA principles. By using the EA modeling language ArchiMate, we can provide a graphical notation and therefore, creating a bridge between EA and this framework making it easier for organizations to improve their processes and achieve desired process maturity levels.



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