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Are you interested in setting up a sustainable development strategy for your business and benefitting from individual coaching?


ResilieNtWEB is inspired by “the principles of nature” to support the innovation strategy of small and medium sized enterprises committed to sustainable development.
It provides individual guidance, mainly in the food, tourism and construction sectors, with the aim to identify, implement and plan sustainable business opportunities at local and international level. The project supports the development of action plans for eco-innovations, where collective intelligence, adaptability, minimal use of natural resources and social innovation are the success factors.


Running from mid-2012 to mid-2015, ResilieNtWEB is a research project carried out within the Interreg IVB program, supported by the European Union. It is coordinated by several organisations that are located in the southern England, northern France, Belgium and Luxembourg.
The approach is based on minimal use of natural resources as well as creativity and collaboration to support the business strategy of SMEs. It focuses on the customer and his/her priorities and is inspired by "the principles of nature", applied to the company. These principles are based on the idea that nature has developed ecosystems where resource utilisation is optimised and where notions such as "waste" or "pollution" do not exist. This methodology allows for the identification and planning of business opportunities that take into consideration the impact of decisions on the whole community.


The implementation of this new model results in a creative business strategy and in some cases the development of eco-innovations to achieve the economic objectives set.

ResilieNtWEB can give your company the boost it needs to achieve its goals!

>>Download the final project brochure to learn about the case studies and final results

>>Closing event, June 5th, 2015 in London, England

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