Diversity and Inclusion

Our commitments 

At LIST we strongly believe in the benefits of more inclusive management.

We are willing to review our key priorities to be truly inclusive.

LIST's approach goes beyond diversity and inclusion in terms of gender or ethnicity, but considers differences in a broad sense.

This approach not only increases the creativity, innovation and performance of our teams, but also attracts new talent!

LIST is committed to promoting a more inclusive corporate culture, where everyone can contribute their strengths and qualities to the LIST strategy and develop their potential, regardless of their ethnicity, beliefs, age, gender or sexual orientation.

A Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Manager, Sabina Quijano, was appointed in January 2021 to establish a clear strategy and ensure a clear understanding of the objectives to be achieved.

Our policies

LIST Diversity Charter

In order to give itself the means to achieve its ambitions, LIST wanted to establish a clear framework by drawing up a Diversity Charter.

After a preliminary analysis, a working group composed of the D&I manager, the equality delegate and representatives of the different research and corporate departments finally identified three areas of intervention:

  • Equal opportunities: LIST's organisation and internal processes are designed to ensure equal opportunities in work, training and career, regardless of a person's biological, gender and social characteristics.
  • Well-being: Working conditions must be sufficiently flexible to enable everyone to achieve the right work-life balance.
  • Protection: new measures should be put in place to ensure that employees with specific personal circumstances that require special accommodation and/or consideration receive personalised support.

Each area of intervention will have specific objectives, detailed in the Charter and implemented by different working groups. The creation, responsibilities, timing and logistics of each will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

The following objectives were set for the period 2021-2022:

  • Participate in the "Positive Actions" programme of the Ministry of Equality between Women and Men (MEGA) to enable LIST to improve its equality policies, refine its gender analysis and readjust certain measures accordingly by the end of 2022;
  • Sign the Luxembourg Diversity Charter of the public organisation Inspiring More Sustainability (IMS) to enable LIST to reaffirm its commitment to diversity and inclusion on the national scene and to invest in IMS working groups;
  • Participate in workshops on gender equality, notably the National Gender working group, coordinated by the Fonds National de la Recherche (FNR) to address this issue in the Luxembourg research sector;
  • Launch new training courses to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion issues among all our staff;
  • Analyse and, if necessary, review recruitment, training and promotion processes to ensure full equality of opportunity; 
  • Supporting the LGBTIQ+ community through various communication campaigns;
  • Adapting workspaces and certain positions to people with disabilities;
  • Implementing an adapted D&I communication plan.

Discover LIST's Diversity and Inclusion Charter

Gender equality plan

As a condition of funding under the Horizon Europe programme, the European Commission requires all higher education institutions, research institutes and public bodies to make a commitment to gender equality, including the adoption of a Gender Equality Plan.

LIST has therefore made gender equality one of its priorities for 2021 and 2022.

Positive Action Programme

Participation in the Positive Actions programme of the Ministry of Gender Equality (MEGA) will allow LIST to refine its internal analysis with the help of a specially commissioned consultant. The consultant will focus in particular on equal treatment (recruitment, remuneration, promotion), decision-making and work/life balance, and the consideration of skills and merit.

This is a valuable aid that will enable the Institute to (re)position itself accordingly.

IMS Diversity Charter

Through its Diversity Charter, the public organisation Inspiring More Sustainability (IMS) proposes to entities established in Luxembourg to commit to diversity and inclusion, beyond their legal obligations.

It supports signatory companies and institutions in implementing measures to promote social cohesion and equity, in particular through workshops and conferences.

On 30 September 2021, LIST officially signed the IMS Diversity Charter.

National cooperation

As a member of the National gender working group coordinated by the FNR, LIST is willing to cooperate more closely with other research institutes, the University of Luxembourg and the FNR to develop a concrete action plan.

The creation of an internal network on diversity and inclusion issues, as imagined by our research department ERIN for example, also allows for the possibility of raising awareness among some collaborators and to encourage exchanges. 

Our actions

Many D&I campaigns have been carried out in recent months and new ones are expected:

  • 19 January 2021: LISTen Up! (internal webinar) Dealing with Unconscious Bias

In January 2021, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr Steve Kremer, co-chair of the Equal Opportunities and Parity Commission at the National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology (Nancy), and Dr Christina Constantinidis, a professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM), specialising in gender, diversity and inclusion, for a webinar on Unconscious Bias.

  • 11 February 2021: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, four female colleagues agreed to talk about their experience and their motivation to pursue a career in a very male-dominated world, if we take into account the studies recently published by UNESCO.

  • 8 March 2021: International Women's Rights Day

Our CEO Thomas Kallstenius wanted to send a message to all employees on this special day and to join the campaign launched on social media under the hashtag #ChooseToChallenge.

See the campaign on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter

  • 20 May 2021: National Diversity Day

LIST took advantage of the National Diversity Day to launch the first episode of its video campaign "LISTeners". An original face-to-face video, which wonderfully reflects the cultural and linguistic diversity of the institute! 

LISTeners#1 : Dimitra Anastasiou

LISTeners#2 : Lari Cujko

  • 03-11 July 2021: Luxembourg Pride

LIST was keen to publicly support the LGBTIQ+ community on this day, as a tribute to the LGBTQI community of the 1960s who, for the very first time in their history, rioted with bottles and stones after yet another police raid on a New York bar, giving rise to the current movement.

See the campaign on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter

Luxembourg Pride

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