Focus on MAESTRO concept at Active and Assisted Living Forum 2018

Published on 04/10/2018

On 24-26 September 2018, the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has participated in the 10th Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Forum in Bilbao (ES), providing a welcome opportunity to highlight LIST's research project MAESTRO.

AAL Forum 2018 gathered professionals working in the active and healthy ageing sector who took part in the European discussion driving the future of digital transformation of health and social inclusion of our ageing population. They have been involved in an ecosystem that promotes a new social and economic approach to grow a more inclusive silver economy that benefits individuals, society and industry. In this context was presented the project "Sustainable Reference Framework evaluating quantified-self equipment and services for seniors" (MAESTRO) project coordinated by LIST as part of its activities in information technologies and more precisely in trusted service systems.

At AAL Forum 2017, MAESTRO proposed a workshop dedicated to "Building trust and confidence in the performance of the AAL Marketplace". This year the project team decided to have a booth enabling to present the concept of the project and to exchange with professionals, including assisting living solutions that could be part of MAESTRO, and other AAL projects. Around 30 persons came to the booth to know more about the project or to collaborate.

MAESTRO will come to its end at the end of this year. As mentioned by Marie-Laure Watrinet, MAESTRO project manager at LIST, "MAESTRO will enable to provide trust and guidance in the assisting living market. LIST used its expertise in assessment to develop the assessment capabilities of the MAESTRO platform that will enable any user, either customer, producer or prescribing party of self-monitoring devices, the possibility to evaluate their relevance, effectiveness and performance."

For any question on this topic, contact Marie-Laure Watrinet via email.

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