The daily work of an RTO #3: new windshields

Published on 24/10/2018

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has published its new corporate video presentation providing its viewers with a closer look at the daily work of an RTO. In four and a half minutes, L.A.I.L.A (LIST’s Artificial Intelligence Learning Avatar) pin-points several innovative technologies or solutions developed at LIST, starting its journey at street-level before gaining height towards the stars.

LIST launches a series of short news, each representing a part of the new corporate video to be found on LIST video channel. The third issue of “The daily work of an RTO” series is focused on new windshields.

L.A.I.L.A explains:

“New windshields will prevent the glass from fogging up and heating the inside of the car. The technology is perfectly invisible and, as we speak, it’s being developed and tested at LIST.”

The next issue of this news series will focus on smart cities. To get more information on what LIST is developing, we invite you to watch the full version of the video: 

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