Surface tension of binary organic mixtures based on a new dimensionless number



G.R. Vakili-Nezhaad, M. Al-Wadhahi, S. Al-Haddabi, A. Vakilinejad, and W.E. Acree


Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics, vol. 152, art. no. 106292, 2021


Surface tension of various binary mixtures has been evaluated over the past years since the results add great contribution to many engineering applications. The binary systems {nonane + toluene, nonane + benzene, nonane + cyclooctane, hexadecane + toluene, hexadecane + benzene, hexadecane + cyclooctane} were studied since no literature data were conveyed based on our best review. Therefore, surface tension (σ) and density (ρ) of these binary systems were appraised at different temperatures of 298.2 K, 303.2 K, 308.2 K and 313.2 K at atmospheric pressure, and various mole fractions. Du Nouy Ring Device was applied experimentally to determine the surface tension of these organic mixtures. The outcomes were analyzed with the existing theoretical values attained from Brock-Bird correlation and Goldsack-Sarvas method and the average absolute relative deviations (AAD %) were obtained as 10.26% and 3.75%, respectively. In this work we have shown the success of our recent proposed model for correlating the surface tension of the studied binary organic mixtures with an overall average absolute relative deviation of 3.00%.



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