Mobility, Transport & Logistics

As a stakeholder in the mobility, transport and logistics sector (public, national or local authority, community transport, logistics operator, transport service provider or commercial operator), you certainly face complex challenges. Chief among them are the: environmental impact of traditional means of transport, increasingly stringent environmental regulations, increasing urbanisation leading to traffic issues in large cities, a rapidly evolving market in terms of technological progress and user choices (some of them now preferring vehicles for hire), fuel price fluctuations, etc.

LIST is developing technologies to reduce road traffic congestion and offer quicker, greener and less expensive mobility options.

Our solutions can:

  • model complex environments, in terms of both the multitude of collected data and interactions between this data;
  • take the multimodal dimension into consideration (road, rail, sea, air);
  • create and test scenarios in terms of organisation, regulations and logistics operations;
  • verify the impact of measures taken (economic, environmental and social);
  • visually display the data to lead to a better understanding of the situation;
  • integrate routing.

Some examples of achievements

Geographic Information System (SIG) for logistics

A tool to determine the optimal location for freight, storage and parking areas, charging stations for electric cars, new railway stations, bus stops, etc. 






Smart City Logistics

A decision support platform for urban logistics.

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